The MANFRED Project experience: outputs and results from the MANFRED Final Conference at FAO, Rome

MANFRED final conference at FAO Rome

After a three-year long work of trans-alpine cooperation, the MANFRED Partnership gatheredto sum up, analyze and foster public debate on the results achieved with a Final Conference on 28th June 2012, at the Food and Agriculture Organization–FAO headquarters in Rome.

The conference “The Future Potential of European Mountain Forests: challenges and solutions between Green Economy and Climate Change”, was organized jointly by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, the Institute for Timber Plants and Environment of Turin, the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the whole MANFRED Partnership, and was hosted and facilitated by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat - FAO.

The event dealt with the future of the European mountain forests as linked to the challenges of climate change and the opportunity of a green economy. Climate change isexpected of modifying their appearance and functions, especially in the Alpine region owing to land use changes, increase of pest infestations and extreme events.

What are then, in terms of eco-engineering and other interventions, the strategies that can help to sustainably adapt to those changes, taking note of the social and economic functions performed by mountain forests?

The Conference, attended by more than 70 participants from around and outside the Alps, enshrined the project results in the broader perspective of the approaches undertaken at the international level with regard to forest issues, also thanks to the participation of a high-level panel of speakers from international institutions involved in forestry.

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