COMUNIS FINAL CONFERENCE Inter-muni​cipal Commercial Location Developmen​t in the Alpine Space 8th March 2012

On 8 March 2012, the International Final Conference of the “COMUNIS” Project will take place in Bolzano (Italy), in the premises of the EURAC Convention Centre, Viale Druso 1. The event is organized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in cooperation with the institute for Timber Plants and the environment, and with the logistic support of EURAC research.

Having recognized the economic competition existing among adjacent municipalities in the Alpine Space, the COMUNIS Project, launched in the framework of the “ETC Alpine Space Programme 2007- 2013”, has aimed at developing cooperative strategies for inter-municipal Commercial Location Development (CLD) in mountain areas.

To this end, it has developed guidelines for devising and applying these strategies that can be adapted to the challenges, conditions and potentials of its pilot regions in particular and to the typical features of mountain regions in general. The project outputs will be presented and publicly discussed by project partners and a panel of international experts on the occasion of the project´s Final Conference.

Some of the findings of the COMUNIS project may be of interest for the MANFRED analysis on the protection of the social and economic functions of Alpine forests pursued by our project. In fact, in light of an often scattered distribution of the forested land properties and the different existing regimes of forests’ property rights in the Alpine territories, where, for example, small-sized parcels of privately-owned forests can be fully surrounded by quite broader portion of lands belonging to other public or private owners meanwhile the same public or private owner can instead have his own properties sparced in different and far-off areas, there is a need to strategically rationalize the usage of these central mountain resource. At the moment, the trend of abandoning marginal land areas in the Alps also means an expanding forest cover, But this need to be promptly managed, and this would require recognizing values,

Boosting inter-municipal cooperation in the various Alpine areas, by helping at identifying information on implicit shared interests and consequently the relative investment priorities, can therefore trigger virtuous economies of scale in those territories where multiple forest products may represent a competive economic resource in the globalized forest sector.

This would create positive spill-over effects on the social sustainability of jobs in the forest sector and increase the interest in preserving the multiple ecological functions generated by forests. Finally, this would increase the will of organized groups of forest owners to invest in knowledge-based instrument in order to protect the real value of their asset to the challenges of climate change.

MANFRED would be therefore in Bolzano on next 8th March to see how the findings of this other Alpine Space project can be of interest to its purposes as well.

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Further information at: comuniconference.minambiente [@] gmail.com

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